We hope your time with us will be a blessing and wish you God’s peace in the coming week. Please feel free to contact Pastor Nancy with any questions.
(Church office 508-842-4665). Come again, soon!

November Birthdays –
Dave H. (11/5), Emma F. (11/21), Isaac C. (11/26) and Lisa H. (11/29).
Happy Birthday!


Worcester Fellowship –This wonderful ministry to the homeless is gearing up again to prepare for the start of their Café in the fall. The Café is held every Thursday and serves warm lunches to over 100 people. There are two ways you can help:
1. Donate cash in the Matthew 25 box which will be left on the altar from now on.
Starting this Sunday, all money donated to the Matthew 25 box will be spent on underwear (both male and female). The Worcester Fellowship is in dire need of these items as homeless people rarely have access to laundry facilities and, consequently, throw away underwear and socks when dirty.
2. Buddy Bags: Donate hygiene items for both males and females, socks, male and female underwear of all sizes, treats (energy bars, crackers, cookies, etc. all individually wrapped), small bottles of water, chap sticks, throat Lozenges, band aids, individual packets of Tylenol".

A big thank you to all who donated to the Worcester Fellowship so far. Because of the congregation's generosity, Wellspring will be able to financially sponsor 3 meals: 12/27/18, 1/3/19, 3/28/19. Please continue donating to this ministry as they are in dire financial need.


Wellspring Church has invited Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church to join us at worship on Sunday, November 25. Please come and welcome them to worship with us.

There will be an Advent Bible Study (in cooperation with Mt. Olivet). We will study the symbols of Christmas during the first three Tuesdays of Advent.

Trinity Church is looking for volunteers to help sell their trees at their annual sale. There is a sign up sheet in their narthex.

There will be NO Christmas Eve Service this year.  We will celebrate Christmas Sunday during worship on December 23.