We hope your time with us has been a blessing and wish you God’s peace in the coming week. Please feel free to contact Pastor Nancy with any questions.
(Church office 508-842-4665). Come again, soon!

August Birthdays –
Cindy H. (8/4), Jean F. (8/5), Sabina T. (8/7), Maya B. (8/9), Michelle H. (8/9), Carol L. (8/13), Megan K. (8/31). Happy Birthday!

Standing in the Need of Prayer … Joan C.; everyone involved in the shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton OH; Fr. Freeman, the new priest-in-charge at Trinity Episcopal Church; Nancy’s cousin, Donna; grateful for all of Michelle’s grandchildren who have returned from their travels; Isaac’s black cat, who has been sick; Colin, a friend of Ed, who recently got out of the hospital; dear friends of Nancy who took her somewhere and made sure she was okay; Grace H.; Althea J.; Ruth M.; Sue H., who now has been moved to a room with a window near her and is showing some progress in her left arm and leg; Sandy T.; Dale W.; Melissa; Richard; Julie’s sister-in-law; Falynne; Cindy; Colin B.; Sybil and Bob; Marie; Michael; Bridget Lewis and her family; Diana; Dyla; the Bongiovi family; Amanda; Todd H.; Jean L.; Margaret; Roger; Lillian A.; Marion C.; Sandy M.; Rev. Agunwamba; Sharon and Alden; Jack; Kimberly; Marion S.; for those battling cancer and their friends and family who battle it with them; for those in mourning; for those in transitions and for the homeless.


Sunday, August 18 –
10:00 a.m. Worship in the Park – North Pavilion,
with Potluck

Men's Group

Dear Friends in Christ:
A famous psychologist and Christian, when asked what men found important in their faith journey, said: "Men want to hear about self-sacrifice, self-discipline, honor, and duty. About being a protector and a provider. They want to understand their role in the world as husbands, fathers, brothers." Wellspring is offering an open bi-weekly, discussion group about faith, courage, Christ, humility, and honesty. Next meeting will be announced. All are welcome. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ed Fanjoy at